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LiveBase 360° survey:
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Now it’s your turn – please provide your feedback!

Please give the feedback receiver your feedback. As feedback receiver you can also find your > ”self-assessment” by clicking on the button Questionnaires

In the following you can find the questions, which you need to answer.

Please keep in mind:

Give your personal and honest feedback to all these questions – just as you feel it. Your answers will stay anonymous! Open and earnest feedback forms the important basis for the Professional Development Feedback. Your answers will make the feedback results meaningful. Thus, please answer the questions in an honest and constructive way.

How to give your feedback:

  • Please click on the button "PDFeedback > Questionnaire" to get to the questionnaire. You can see the feedback receiver who has asked you to provide feedback. Next to the name there is a button “Edit”. Please click on the button to get to the questions.
  • Please read and answer the questions intuitively. Give your answers by clicking on the scale. In case there are questions which you cannot answer, click no answer “n/a”.
  • After you have answered one category of questions and saved your answers, you are automatically sent back to the overview. The category turns green.
  • You are still able to make changes before you send off the questionnaire.

Please do not use the “back” or “forward” function of your browser. Your answers might get lost! You can save your current answers so that you can log off and log on safely again without losing any answers.

In the field „your comments“ you have the opportunity to note personal comments or explanations. These comments are very useful, since they help the feedback receiver understand the results better. Please make sure that your comments are formulated neutrally, e.g. do not provide any details that could identify you and compromise anonymity. In case you do not want to give any comments, please just put in “X”

All completed – how to send off your feedback:
When you have answered all answers in all categories, you can send off your feedback. Just click on “send”. After sending off your feedback, you can still see your answers but no longer change them.

Was bedeutet das?
Zunächst einmal, dass Sie Feedback gegeben haben! Nichtsdestotrotz haben sie weiterhin Einblick in diesen Feedbackbogen, können jedoch keine Änderungen mehr vornehmen.

Your answers will be treated absolutely confidentially and reported anonymously!